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Integrated Tissue Tracking

A complete tissue tracking and management system fully integrated into the perioperative documentation workflow enables your facility to standardize processes and accurately track tissues, reduce waste, and manage your tissue inventory.

The SIS Trax system brings rich, clinical functionality and expert tissue management to your hospital. From receiving to post-implantation, SIS’ web-based tissue tracking system can be used from receipt of tissue through final disposition. Complete integration with the SIS Perioperative Solution advances the typical tissue tracking system by including tissue documentation in the normal documentation workflow for improved accuracy, a reduction in tissue documentation time, and the achievement of a more standardized process. 

Track and Manage Tissues Effectively


Expiratory warnings identify expired stock for removal from inventory

Manually documenting and logging in tissue along with daily monitoring is a time consuming process. SIS Trax’ bar code system automatically scans and stores all pertinent tissue information. With its integration into the SIS Solution, SIS Trax streamlines repetitive processes allowing you to not only allocate tissues while scheduling cases, but also to view valuable tissue information during a case such as prep instructions and other data.

SIS Trax alerts users to expiring tissues improving tissue utilization and preventing waste. Customizable dashboards enable tissue managers to expertly manage the inventory.

Meet Compliance Regulations

By implementing an improved standardized procedure to acquire, receive, store, and issue tissues, SIS Trax helps you achieve compliance and manage tissue inventory to the highest standard, reducing wasted tissue by up to 50%.

SIS Trax Data Sheet

You need a standardized procedure to help you achieve compliance and manage tissues effectively.

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