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Perioperative Dashboards

Create a collaborative environment by keeping the entire surgical team informed of critical patient data regardless of where they are.

The OR accounts for over half of all medical errors that occur in the hospital – many of which are founded in communication problems. Extensive research indicates that clear and accurate communication in the OR is a critical variable for improving patient outcomes and supports key National Patient Safety Goals by improving perioperative staff communication. 

Supporting Better Patient Outcomes


SIS OR View can be displayed on an in-room screen or on a mobile device

SIS OR View promotes better communication and collaboration in the perioperative environment by providing all team members information to support a safe and successful surgery. Displayed on an in-room screen or on a mobile device, SIS OR View gives the entire perioperative team critical information such as labs, vital signs, antibiotic timers, and safety checklists. These critical data points, along with alerts and checklists that facilitate quality processes, are visually accessible to members of the perioperative team – in the operating room, during the surgical procedure—ensuring that the right people are working from the right information at the right time. By enabling centralized communication among the perioperative team in the OR, including complete and consistent checklist completion, you can improve communications and further reduce the risk of complications and adverse events in the OR.

Improve Efficiency

Improved communication in the OR results in better planned days, better planned cases, and proactive management of case delays with more effective resource utilization. An integrated communication center for the entire perioperative team improves resource utilization, allows for monitoring of multiple procedures, and drives on-time procedures and timely communication. 

SIS OR View Data Sheet

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Success Story: University of California Irvine

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