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Patient Tracking

Streamline the use of people, space, and equipment by proactively tracking patients through the perioperative department.

Tracking patients throughout all phases of perioperative care and ensuring that schedules are met requires extensive communication. Manually locating patients can impede efficiency and reduce case load optimization while also putting patients at risk. SIS Com is web-based patient tracking solution that revolutionizes the way perioperative professionals communicate with their teams. 

Supporting Better Patient Outcomes

From admission through discharge, SIS Com captures and communicates critical information at every point of the perioperative process. Perioperative information is viewable wherever you need it-on electronic boards and/or on mobile devices-to ensure that timely information is available to all caregivers. As a result of communicating patient specific information about antibiotics and allergies, hospitals can improve compliance with external regulations and prevent unpredicted infections and extra hospital stays.

Improve Efficiency

Traditionally, tracking patients required several phone calls and time spent walking back and forth between the nurses and front desk. With SIS Com’s standalone boards providing easy access to patient information, unnecessary phone calls and pages are eliminated, resulting in a reduction of calls by at least 50% and improved time management.

Case delays can occur if housekeeping is not called in time, transport is not notified, or the patient is not prepped in time. Visual cues from SIS Com alert staff as soon as the case is closing so that housekeeping, transport, and patient preparation are all noticed, reducing late starts and reducing unplanned overtime.

SIS Com Data Sheet

You need enhanced communication in the OR in order to help you better manage your day in the OR and improve staff, patient and family satisfaction.

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