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Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS)

Quickly and efficiently create legible, complete anesthesia records. SIS’ comprehensive AIMS provides a rich data set to assist both anesthesia providers and hospitals with their goals to improve patient safety, quality of care, and financial performance.

1Best in KLAS 2014

SIS offers tailored anesthesia management packages to address your facility’s specific functionality needs. SIS Anesthesia includes our anesthesia-focused capabilities, fixed- fee best practices implementation with role-based training, and standard interfaces for smooth interoperability with your other hospital systems.

SIS Anesthesia: Integrated with Other Surgery Solutions

If you are going down the path of automation one step at a time or just beginning the journey, adding SIS Anesthesia as the foundation to a fully integrated perioperative solution provides the tools you need to meet the demand of today’s OR.

SIS Anesthesia: As Part of the SIS Perioperative Solution

Many hospitals look to SIS to provide a comprehensive solution for the entire perioperative process.  SIS Anesthesia resides on the same patient record as the rest of our solution, supporting your efforts to improve patient care and improve efficiencies in your OR.

Either way you go, SIS Anesthesia is developed to be a key building block for your total integrated perioperative solution. 

Manage the Complex Anesthesia Workflow

This intuitive system’s ease-of-use stems from its design that replicates and simplifies all of the steps of the paper anesthesia record.  Its graphical display allows the user to drag and drop information, a design feature that streamlines the documentation process and automatically captures data, such as vital signs and other patient information.

Accurate Professional Fee Capture and Billing

SIS Anesthesia accurately tracks and records all procedures and events as they happen, improving drug capture and OR utilization. As a result, your facility and providers can realize accurate charge capture and maintain compliance with regulations and reporting requirements.

SIS Anesthesia automatically creates anesthesia billing output, allowing bills to be submitted in a timely manner, and reducing the turnaround time for payment.

Transform Anesthesia with Advanced Solutions

  • Anesthesia-focused analytics gives you the ability to collect and analyze anesthesia-related perioperative data.
  • SIS OR-View’s in-room and mobile dashboard improves perioperative staff communication by providing a centralized display to aggregate communications.
  • Documentation-driven patient tracking streamlines patient throughput and increasing communications – reducing phone calls per case by 50%. 


1 "2014 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services." January, 2015. © 2015 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.


You need to efficiently create legible, complete anesthesia records in order to streamline workflows and measure, store, query, and recall anesthesia-related perioperative data.

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