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SIS Analytics provides nurses, surgeons, anesthesia providers, and hospital executives with actionable intelligence to view data, develop action plans, improve processes, and obtain a clearer picture of your OR’s performance.

Specific and accurate information from your operating room is becoming increasingly important as hospitals face changing regulations, increased quality and cost pressures, and tackle healthcare reform. SIS Analytics is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solution that turns valuable data from your OR into useable information to support documentation improvement programs, quality reporting efforts, optimization projects and so much more. 

Improve Efficiency and Productivity


Each SIS Analytics view is designed to deliver the data analysis required by a user in their specific job function.

You know that your OR’s operational efficiency relies on effective patient throughput, staff appropriation, and resource utilization. SIS Analytics provides you with the actionable intelligence you need to track key business indicators and improve the performance of your OR.

SIS Analytics features role-based views designed specifically for users across different roles, including: Anesthesia View, Executive View, Perioperative View, Surgeon View, and Tissue Manager View. This role-based functionality, with advanced drill-down and intuitive data mining features, allow OR directors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesia providers, and hospital executives to get the perioperative information they need with minimal time taken away from other important work and without having to rely on IT professionals. Anesthesia providers can collect and analyze drug administration data, patient demographics, and clinical outcomes—while surgeons can view data pertinent to their specific cases. 

Improve Financial Performance

Effectively managing resources is imperative for reducing costs and improving financial performance. SIS Analytics gives you better visibility into your organization so you can combat reimbursement cuts by finding ways to reduce costs including analyzing supply costs and making recommendations to re-negotiate with vendors or standardize on supplies. Effectively manage tissues and implants and improve throughput to reduce overtime costs. SIS Analytics provides the capability to truly understand cost-per-case, by procedure and by surgeon, to make effective service line decisions.

Enable Compliance

SIS Analytics’ improves your ability to track compliance initiatives such as SCIP, Joint Commission standards, and CMS Regulations through accurate and complete documentation. Use its drill-down capabilities to identify factors that contribute to, or detract from, compliance achievement to continually improve documentation and reporting.


SIS Analytics Data Sheet

You need access to tools that can help you manage your day and improve perioperative performance.

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Exceptional Expertise

We require all SIS Service Professionals to meet rigorous requirements, providing you with the peace of mind that you are working with a fully qualified team.