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Increased Efficiencies

With the challenges in healthcare today, your hospital has to do more with less. SIS Clients have improved their OR’s performance with effective patient throughput, staff appropriation, and resource utilization.

Increases in efficiency are imperative to the financial driver of the hospital, as incremental improvements in the OR can mean millions.  This critical – and complex - department requires tools to meet the OR’s distinct scheduling and workflow challenges.  SIS’ surgery and anesthesia IT solutions are designed for the perioperative department’s unique environment, allowing you to manage patients through every point of the perioperative process and maximize your perioperative department to its fullest potential.

SIS clients have realized benefits that support efficiencies in the OR:

  • Save 50% of documentation time per patient
  • Reduce cost per procedure by $100
  • Decrease lost charges by 30%
  • Reduce the number of calls in the OR by 50%
  • Improved on-time case starts by 32.5%
  • Reduced average in patient OR turnover by 30 percent 

The surgical environment is the biggest revenue area for almost any health system, so it is imperative that you have a solution that complements its needs and unique workflows. For example, enterprise scheduling is very different from the scheduling that occurs in the OR. You have issues such as block scheduling and case shuffling – these don’t occur anywhere else in the hospital.

- SIS User,

Optimizing the OR

How one California hospital has leveraged perioperative analytics to improve processes and outcomes in surgery and anesthesia.

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