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Improved Perioperative Outcomes

The OR is a complex, multi-discipline, and multi-risk environment. Studies indicate more than half of all medical errors occur in this space. Hospitals can mitigate this risk by focusing on improvements in communication, complete documentation, and using systems that help enable compliance.

In the OR, the caregiver’s attention should remain on the patient and documentation should be workflow-driven and tailored for the OR’s unique needs. Visibility into data derived from the OR can enable informed decisions for future care and identify anomalies before they become trends. Communication between caregivers is imperative to ensure the proper patient specific information is not overlooked. SIS clients have realized benefits through the use of the SIS Solution that support their patient safety goals:

  • Documentation tools that support a caregiver’s workflow, allowing for faster documentation and more time to focus on the patient.
  • Analytics of perioperative closed cases to measure quality indicators and focus on processes that will improve patient outcomes.
  • Improved communication with easy access to patient information for every phase of every patient event.


SIS clients have realized benefits that support their patient safety goals:

  • 100% compliance with SCIP – Card – 2 and SCIP Infection 6 measures
  • Improvement of 10% in the reduction in sub-optimal outcomes
  • Elimination of two healthcare acquired infections cases per year per 8,000 procedures

The SIS perioperative system helps us with our patient safety goals by providing us with allergies, detailed history of the patient’s medications, and any reactions they’ve had to those medications.

- Marc Paradis, MD, Anesthesiologist, University of Connecticut Health Center

Perioperative Technology Helps Improve SCIP Measurements

Learn how the perioperative staff at Medcenter One achieved 100% compliance with SCIP-Card -2 and SCIP Infection 6 measures.

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