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Anesthesia Information Management System

Electronic anesthesia documentation enables fast, complete, and legible anesthesia records, facilitating billing and provides a rich data set of information and analytics to be used for quality improvement and cost control efforts.

Anesthesia providers need tools to easily create electronic anesthesia documentation across all phases of care. Documenting vitals and patient history on paper during Preop is time consuming, and recording vitals in Intraop every five minutes detracts from patient care. Without a standardized process for drug capture, full reimbursement may be denied.

The Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) from SIS equips anesthesia providers with the perioperative information they need—including monitor data—to avoid redundant documentation and facilitate communication with other caregivers for handoffs. With unique workflow support tools and an easy-to-use touch screen application, SIS Anesthesia supports individual case flows and facilitates documentation to ensure the anesthesia provider’s focus remains on the patient.

  • SIS clients have realized benefits such as these by using the SIS Anesthesia AIMS*:
  • Reduced adverse outcomes by documenting antibiotic administration and surgical time outs
  • Reduced PACU length of stay by 30% for patients given antiemetic prior to surgery
  • Reduced billing time by two days (from three days to one day)
  • Reduced day of surgery cancellations by 5-10%
  • Reduced case cancellation rates from 5-7% to 1.2%
  • Met regulatory compliance requirements for CMS, SCIP, and PQRS
  • Maximize the hospital’s Value-Based Purchasing reimbursement

SIS Anesthesia has saved us a tremendous amount of time by reducing our day of admissions intake process by 25%. With 85 cases per week, that equates to more than 40 hours saved per week.

- Christine Doyle, MD, Anesthesiologist, O’Connor Hospital

*These results reflect the experiences of specific SIS clients and are not intended as a guarantee of performance. Actual results may vary.


#1 in Anesthesia

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Meditech Anesthesia Interoperability Data Sheet

SIS works directly with Meditech to integrate systems to set up and maintain the interfaces.

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